Modern business communication

Easy-to-use internet telephone plans offering expanded functionality at a low monthly cost

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides telephone and other customisable services over your internet connection, offering many advantages. The larger data throughput compared to landlines means improved sound quality and extra functionalities, your unpredictable telephone bill is now folded in to your internet service, and the system is scalable for peaks in demand or adding new users.

Compared to legacy telephones, our VoIP service offers stable and reduced monthly costs, better audio quality, and productivity tools like voice or video conferencing, shared screens and whiteboards, and call forwarding anywhere to mobile devices like laptops or cell phones. Additionally, CRM-boosting capabilities, including enhanced voicemail and customisable call handling, are built directly into the system.

The switch to a VoIP system is simple, since you can use either your existing phones or new multifunction handsets from BTE. We are a certified reseller of 3CX, the leader in internet protocol telecommunications, and we offer a range of VoIP-related hardware from all the top manufacturers.

For organisations with five people or five hundred, the advantages of VoIP are clear:

  • Staff collaboration and customer management tools
  • Added functionalities like video conferencing and shared whiteboards
  • Crystal-clear sound quality
  • Substantial savings over traditional telco bills
  • Peace of mind from knowing your phone system is monitored and maintained by BTE. See our Cloud Services for more information.