Cloud Services

Boost your technology ROI

Leveraging the cloud boosts productivity and increases data availability and security

Cloud applications, both familiar and new, are accessed over an internet connection and therefore usable on any internet-connected device. This allows staff to work on projects at any location, at any time. And, by backing up your work to a secure cloud data centre rather than PCs or servers in your establishment, your business information is safer from both physical and online threats.

The cloud also lets businesses access the newest software and the latest, safest versions of familiar software, like the MS Office 365 suite, without having to own them. This subscription-based model keeps you on the competitive edge and makes it easy to add functionalities and users as your business grows.

After more than a decade helping hundreds of clients overcome their technology challenges, we have become specialists in cloud-based technologies. Let BTE bring the power of the cloud to your business so you can benefit from its many productivity, security, and cost performance features.

BTE’s world-class Cloud Services

  • Virtual computing: reduced IT complexity, obsolescence, and expense
  • Mobile workstyle: anywhere, anytime access to your software and data, on any device
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR): automated cloud backups and storage minimise the risk of data loss and post-event downtime
  • IT as a Service (ITaaS): performance and security are managed remotely by BTE, freeing you to stay focused on running your business
  • Unified Communications (UC): improved employee collaboration and CRM by connecting all your devices, regardless of location, platform, or brand. UC is supported by our VoIP Service.

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