BTE Internet

Providing the power of NBN to the Fraser Coast

Stable high-speed NBN internet for the Fraser Coast and beyond

With internet access becoming a business critical service, we provide first class support for our internet services. We provide NBN, Enterprise Ethernet, and Fibre access plans to businesses in the Fraser Coast region.

We also can provide satellite services, including Starlink by SpaceX  where other options are not feasable.

When required, we can assist with a selection of Wi-Fi extenders that boost the stability and range of your wireless network throughout your business or property.

These devices work both indoors and out, with rugged weatherproof models ideal for factory sites or any outdoor facility. And as always, customers can take advantage of BTE’s world-class technical support.

BTE Internet options

  • Standard NBN services (including FTTN, FTTC and FTTP)
  • Download speeds up to 1000 Mbps (FTTP only)
  • Hybrid plans for ultimate redundancy when required
  • Premium NBN Business plans with low or no contention
  • All BTE plans include unlimited downloads with no shaping
  • All BTE plans include free connection
  • Fast, local support from BTE’s helpful professionals


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